HDI 2018 Schedule Builder

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Amezaga, Bobby

Title: Sr. Director, Service Cloud Product Marketing

Company: Salesforce

Agostini, Ana

Title: Administrative Director- IT Services

Company: Memorial Healthcare System

Aitchison, Ian

Title: Senior Director, ITSM

Company: Ivanti

Atkinson, Roy

Title: Senior Writer/Analyst

Company: HDI

Averdick, Kaliegh

Title: Knowledge Coordinator



Bathe, Kristin

Title: Director of IT

Company: Diversified Communications Media Corp

Batra, Richa

Title: Vice President of Student Services Operations

Company: Blackboard

Beaulieu, Gerald

Title: Director, Product Marketing - IT Service

Company: ServiceNow

Betz, Charles

Title: Principal Analyst

Company: Forrester

Bolton, James

Title: President

Company: ProPoint Solutions

Brennan, Ben

Title: Director, IT

Company: Oath

Broch-Mathisen, Per-Kristian

Title: KCS Trainer & Knowledge Advisor

Company: ComAround

Brown, Alex

Title: Senior Director of IT

Company: Zendesk

Bruno, Rae Ann

Title: President

Company: Business Solutions Training, Inc

Bunger, Liz

Title: IT Support Knowledge Management Process Analyst

Company: Paychex, Inc.


Cabral, Nelson

Title: President and Chief Creative Officer

Company: CABRAL Creative Leadership International, Inc.

Christie, Cynthia

Title: Project Management Professional and Senior Professional, Human Resources.

Company: Kepner-Tregoe

Ciccozzi, Krista

Title: Director, IT Customer Service

Company: ExamWorks

Clark, John

Title: Cross-Domain Solution Architect (CDSA)

Company: Microsoft

Cruse, Mary

Title: Director, IT Customer Services

Company: First American Corp.

Custy, John

Title: President

Company: JPC Group


Dickens, Kai

Title: Executive Leadership Coach and Teambuilding Consultant


Dietz, Jan

Title: Customer Experience Manager

Company: Stefanini

Drucker, Phyllis

Title: Senior Consultant

Company: Linium

DuMoulin, Troy

Title: VP, Research and Development

Company: Pink Elephant


Feinberg, Manley

Title: Chief Experience Officer

Company: Vertical Lessons


Gladden, CWPP, Todd

Title: SVP, US Operations

Company: PlanMen Consultancy, LLC

Glenn, Willette

Title: Senior Manager

Company: PepsiCo

Gregory, Gregg

Title: CEO

Company: Teams Rock

Griffey, Jon

Title: Associate Director, Service Desk

Company: Texas A&M University


Haggett, LCSW, PhD, Beth

Title: Faculty

Company: HDI

Hanson, Mike

Title: Director, IT Support

Company: Optum, Inc.

Hart, Jeremy

Title: Director of IT Professional Effectiveness

Company: First American Corp.

Hinkle, Jonathan

Title: VP, Director of IT

Company: First Fidelity Bank

Hohbein, Adam

Title: Team Leader, Group Technical Support

Company: Ameritas – GTS

Hooper, Matt

Title: ITSM Evangelist

Company: Ivanti

Hunnebeck, Lou

Title: Principal Advisor

Company: DXC Fruition


Jackman, Melissa

Title: Help Desk Manager

Company: Duquesne University


Knapp, Donna

Title: Curriculum Development Manager

Company: The ITSM Academy

Krueger, Eric

Title: Principal Consultant

Company: StrataCom


Lacy, Matt

Title: Senior IT Manager, Help Desk Central

Company: Texas A&M University


McGarahan, Pete

Title: Senior Director, End User Support

Company: First American Corp.

Menapace, Justin

Title: Desktop Support Senior

Company: Freddie Mac

Mohr, Julie

Title: Speaker & Author


Monroe, Deborah

Title: CEO

Company: Ignite Achievements Int’l

Montague, Gina

Title: Manager, Support Services

Company: Infinite Campus

Moskowitz, David

Title: CIO



Nelson, Bruce

Title: Director, Customer Support Services

Company: Ricoh


O'Flahavan, Leslie

Title: Owner


Ogilvie, Ryan

Title: ITSM Practitioner

Company: Inter Pipeline


Palachuk, Manuel

Title: President and Head Coach

Company: Manuel Palachuk International


Rance, Stuart

Title: Service and Security Management Consultant

Company: Optimal Service Management Ltd.

Ream, Jo Ann

Title: HDI Dallas/Ft. Worth Local Chapter

Company: Chapter Advisor

Reshaw, Miranda

Title: Process and Improvement Manager

Company: Coca-Cola

Ritthaler, Roy

Title: VP Product Marketing, IT Operations Management

Company: Micro Focus

Rivers, Andy

Title: Senior Advisor

Company: Beyond20

Robertson, Cay

Title: Manager, Service Desk and Access Adminstration

Company: Tampa Electric

Rogers, Vicki

Title: Consultant

Company: Vicki Rogers

Rollins, Allyson

Title: Program Manager

Company: HDI

Ross, William

Title: Assistant Group Supervisor, Help Desk and Desktop Services

Company: Johns Hopkins University

Roux, Justin

Title: Director of Product Marketing and Program Management

Company: EasyVista

Rumburg, Jeff

Title: Managing Partner

Company: MetricNet LLC

Ruonavaara, Geoffrey

Title: Service Desk Manager

Company: Michigan State University


Sanker, Greg

Title: CIO

Company: Oregon Department of Administrative Services

Schnurr, Judy

Title: Executive Business Advisor

Company: Lewan Technology

Scuderi, Virginia

Title: Principal

Company: Competitive Advantage

Silas, Andrea

Title: VP, Technical Support

Company: DreamHost

Smith, Joshua

Title: Training Manager

Company: Axios Systems

Stanger, James

Title: Chief Technology Evangelist

Company: CompTIA

Stannard, Jamie

Title: Director, Technical Support

Company: KaVo Kerr

Survance, Dian

Title: IT Coordinator, Help Desk

Company: Advocate Health Care


Toister, Jeff

Title: President

Company: Toister Performance Solutions


Van Elsacker Louisnord, Nancy

Title: president

Company: TOPdesk USA

Vidal, Eddie

Title: Independent Consultant

Company: EJV Corp.


Weber, Jill

Title: Support Center Specialist

Company: Northwestern Mutual

Weisler, Kirk

Title: Chief Morale Officer

Company: Team Dynamics, Inc.

Weisman, Skip

Title: The Leadership and Workplace Communication Expert

Company: Weisman Success Resources, Inc.

Wilkinson, Jeff

Title: Information Security Officer

Company: Lewan Technology

Wilson, Dan

Title: Senior Director, End User Computing

Company: Hertz Corporation

Wischer, Jason

Title: Founder



York, Jeremy

Title: Senior Support Services Analyst

Company: Turner Construction


Zastudil, Michael

Title: Director, Help Desk Services

Company: Blackboard

Zeinoun, Pete

Title: Director of Products, Remote Support

Company: LogMeIn